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1-2 page single spaced pages in 12-point font. 

Reference: Listed at the top of the paper in APA style.

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INTRODUCTION should contain: 

* A thorough literature review that establishes the nature of the problem to be addressed in the present study(the literature review is specific to the problem) 

*The literature review is current (within 5 years)

A logical sequence from what we know (the literature review) to what we don’t know (the unanswered questions raised by the review and what this study intended to answer)

* the purpose of the present study

*the hypothesis/research questions

*State the overall purpose of the  paper 

*What new ideas or info were communicated in the paper

*Why was it important to publish these ideas?

METHODS. The methods section has three subsections. It should contain:

* The participants and population they intended to represent

* The number of participants and how they were selected 

*A description of the tools/measures used and research design employed

RESULTS: The results should contain a thorough summary of results of all analyses

DISCUSSION: The discussion is where the author “wraps up the research.”

* A simple and easy to understand summary of what was found.