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1.Compare the role of March First Movement and May Fourth Movement. What were their similarities and differences?
2. What does the story Lost Names tell us about the social conditions of Korea in 1940? In the story Lost Names, why would the narrator feel uneasy about his lunch box and what does it tell us about the social conditions of Korea in 1940? What was the significance of changing one’s names? Why would it bring shame to both the Japanese teacher and the author’s father?
3. How did the Second Sino-Japanese War affect China,
Japan, and Korea?
4. What have caused the disputes surrounding Yasukuni Shrine and Japanese history textbooks in China, Korea and Japan? In your opinion, are there ways for people of these countries to solve the issues of historical memory and move toward reconciliation?
5.What were the objectives of Mao Zedong’s policies in the 1950s such as Land Reform, Hundred Flower Campaign, and Great Leap Forward? What were their outcomes and consequences?
6.Comment on the roles played by the youth of China in the major events of the twentieth century, such as the May Fourth Movement, the Cultural Revolution, and the Tiananmen Square Massacre. In what ways has their role changed during the new millennium?

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