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     1- Identify your artifact

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Academic level of your paper

Type of Paper

When is it due?

How many pages is this assigment?

  • When and where did you complete the work for the artifact? 
  • What was the assignment or experience and what was its intended purpose?
  • 2- Connect the artifact to the Hallmarks learning goal
  • How does this work connect with the selected Hallmarks learning goal?
  • Which specific aspects of the learning goal does this work address?
  • 3- Reflect on your learning experience

Conclude your essay with a paragraph exploring one or two of the following questions, as appropriate to the artifact: 

  • How did your work on this project build on your previous learning or skills?
  • How did you grow or change as a result of this learning experience?
  • What challenges did you face in this work and what would you do differently the next time? 
  • How would you explain the value of what you learned to a family member?
  • How would you explain the value of what you learned to a potential employer?
  • Why was this a memorable or significant learning experience for you?


Answers all the question in the essay + make sure we have everything from the grading rubric 
300 words, 1 typed page.

NO sources – do not use any sources, all info should be from your background experiences during your study of university, that can be a project / group work / class / or a skill that you have done.

#4 New different artifacts  

#Do NOT use any of the old artifacts essays which you have used in the past.