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1.Navigate to and read about the PCI Council.

The “About Us” and “Getting Started” portions of the website are very helpful for understanding why the PCI Council needed to be created.

2.Identify the types of data that the PCI Council seeks to protect. (Hint: if you have a credit card, what data is on it that would be attractive to data thieves?

3.Identify the consequences of cardholder data breaches that the PCI Council seeks to avoid.

4. Identify three to five PCI DSS requirements that Wyndham is alleged to have violated.

5. Identify three to five mitigations that Wyndham could have implemented to prevent the same losses from occurring again

6. Discuss whether the FTC would have pursued a case against Wyndham if it had been compliant with the PCI DSS regulations. Why or why not?

500 words.