1) Summarize “case study 13” into 4 paragraphs; and Respond

1) Summarize “case study 13” into 4 paragraphs; and Respond to the 3 questions on page 510 (1 paragraph for each question)    

1. How has Patagonia been able to promote sustainability among other businesses?

2. Do you think it is beneficial for Patagonia to branch out into ventures other than apparel?

3. Does Patagonia—a privately held, debt-free company— have an advantage over public companies with shareholders by being socially responsible?

2)  Discuss Sexual Harassment as discuss in the text book and how does it differ in today’s work place.  (require 2 paragraphs)

 Ch8: p228-230 

3)  Discuss in detail Community Stakeholders and its responsibilities (require 5 paragraphs) (focus more from textbook)

Ch10: p276-281 & p281-286

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