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1. This question has two parts. First, what have been the primary causes of Mexican migration to the United States in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries? Second, how have the U.S. and Mexican governments attempted to restrict and regulate the migration of Mexicans and other ethnic groups since 1917? What role has race played in immigration restriction? Have these policies been consistent and effective? Why or why not?
In your essay, cite specific legislation and policies and the ways in which they were (or weren’t) implemented and enforced, and address both the continuities and changes in causes and policies over time. A complete answer to this question must make use Lytle-Hernández’s Migra! and the essays and primary sources in Major Problems.
The essay should be about 1000-1250 words (4-5 pages), typed with 12 pt. times roman font, double-spaced, with one-inch margins. Do not skip lines between paragraphs and be sure to indent each paragraph. Include page numbers at the bottom of each page. Do not use valuable space to retype the question; just indicate the number of the question you are answering at the top of the page. Use MLA parenthetical references (author, page #) at the end of any sentence or paragraph in which you use information, paraphrase or quote from the books or films.
All or most of your information must come from the readings, lectures, and films assigned in this course, but if you wish to use an outside source, do so sparingly and cite the source with complete information (author, title, publication information, and page numbers). Failing to do so would be plagiarism.

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