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2-3 sentences

Why did Alexander the Great not return home after defeating the Persians?

  • Why was it problematic for Caesar to hold the position of flamen dialis (high priest)?Describe Pompey’s dealings with the pirates.Why was Caesar assassinated?
  • What was hoplite warfare?
  • How did Athens differ from Sparta?
  • Compare and contrast scenes found on city gates of the Assyrians from scenes found on city gates of the Persians.
  • Why were Greek colonies important?
  • Why did Persia invade Greece?
  • Why did Sparta return home after defeating the Persians (with Athenian help) and the Athenian Empire?

1 paragraph each

  • How did invasion and conflict enact change in the ancient world?
  • How did Augustus avoid a fate similar to that of his predecessor Julius Caesar?
  • What is mercantilism and why was this such an integral concept for the creation of the Atlantic World?
  • Why were able-bodied military men so important throughout Roman history?
  • Why did Martin Luther’s writings enact a religious conflict when people like Erasmus and John Wycliffe were writing about some of the same issues decades earlier?