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250-300 words each

Part 1

 Explain how you will use your faith and the given Scriptures as you lead through example and plan for discipline and management. Use references from the text and your own experiences/future experiences to support your answer. 

Part 2

 Some teachers would argue consequences should be logical, related, reasonable, and respectful. They also might argue that copying rules is a punishment that reinforces negative thoughts about writing. In light of these concerns, why do you agree or disagree with Seganti’s approach. 

Part 3

 How will you address the fact that in students’ lives outside school, they see so many examples of people who are functioning at the first two levels of the hierarchy? What guidance will you give them about why they should strive for Level D behavior (or at least Level C) outside of the classroom? 

 Charles, C. M. and Cole, K. M. (2019). Building classroom management:  Methods and models (12th ed.). New York, NY: Pearson.