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  • Describe the origin of transformational leadership.
  • Discuss the criticisms, or weaknesses, of transformational leadership theory.
  • Analyze the role of transformational leadership in student success.

Case Assignment

Use the readings to write a 3- to 4-page paper (excluding title page and reference list) that includes the following components:

  1. Introduction
  2. Describe the major components of transformational leadership.
  3. Discuss the criticism, or weaknesses, of transformational leadership.
    • Use the Berkovich (2016) reading to discuss the potential weaknesses of transformational leadership.
  4. Reflect on the application of transformational to your current, or future, educational setting.
    • Is this theory useful as a leader/manager?
    • Is this theory useful to organizational success or student success?
    • Refer to the Harrison (2011) and Basham (2012) readings to support your discussion.
  5. Conclusion


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In 1973, the US Supreme Court ruled in Roe v. Wade that a woman’s right to choose to have an abortion must be protected, thereby making legal abortion the law of the land. Since then, a slew of states have worked to restrict access to abortion in a variety of fashions, without directly contradicting the ruling. With a conservative majority currently sitting on the Supreme Court, this controversial issue may get another look someday soon. Should abortion be legal throughout the US? Or should access to abortion be determined by states? Does abortion violate the unborn’s right to life? Or does making abortion illegal violate a woman’s control over her own body?

Affirmative: Yes, abortion should be legal. Provide reasoning and evidence supporting the motion.

Find at least 3 sources