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1.  What defines a “controversy within a current topic”?

2.  What are three current topics that are important or interesting to you?  Why?  (Write at least 250 words.)

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3.  What makes writing academic?  How does academic writing differ from non-academic, casual writing?  (Write at least 250 words.)

4.  Using What Is Research?, What Is Research Writing?, and The Qualities of a Good Research Question as your guides:

· 4A)  Write a one-sentence research question regarding one of your three topics from question 2.

· 4B)  Use this research question to find sources of information on your topic.  What sources emerge as credible to you?  (Websites, books, TV programs, etc.)

· 4C)  What new knowledge did you acquire about your topic?  (Write at least 250 words.)

5.  Summarize the information found in The Qualities of a Good Research Question.  What is the difference between research and source-based writing?

Pay attention: Questions 2, 3, and 4C require at least 250 words each.  The rest have no word-count requirement.  Again, always post word counts for all answers.


a. Read the article from UNC about editing and proofreading. (Links to an external site.)

b. Watch this video from Urbana Fuls: Why Proofreading Matters  (Links to an external site.)

c. Download and read the PowerPoint about editing, revision, and proofreading.

Then you will write three paragraphs: 1. Paragraph one summarizes the assignment; this describes the main points of the article/videos/powerpoints.2. Paragraph two compares and contrasts how the topic is discussed and explained in the different media formats.

  • How does audience and purpose affect the creation of the video, for example?
  • Look at the fonts and styles used in the powerpoints.
  • Examine the language of the article.
  • Which media did you find most effective and why?

3. Paragraph three is your response: what you learned, how it could influence your writing.