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Continuing with the scenario from your product overview, report your findings and recommendations to the stakeholders of your company.

Your job is to help the company launch a new pet food line. The food line will be for both cats and dogs, and the company is excited because the product is made of all natural ingredients.

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You will need to make some key strategic recommendations about how to launch and promote this new product line.

Create a presentation to share your recommendations with the stakeholders within your company.

Due: 10/16 by 13:PM EST

Prepare your marketing recommendations presentation using the Final Project Part II PowerPoint template provided. 

Ensure that your presentation addresses all of the critical elements in the Final Project Part II Guidelines and Rubric document. 


1. Follow exactly the format from the sample “BUS343 IM Group Project-edit” given


3. Doing about “IRVINS Salted Egg” company thus talking about food & beverages

4. Country – Australia – Sydney

5. This project is exporting

6. Under Session 7 Podcast 2 take note of slide 8 as that is under LEGAL

7. Word Count no limit but to follow the sample

8. References in Chicago format refer to “referencing format.jpg” file

9. Use journal articles ONLY from page 10 only refer to “journal article list.png” file

10. Have clear in-text citation format refer to “referencing format.jpg” file

11. In-text citation follow “referencing format.jpg” file be in (author, year, page)

12. Follow “requirement for pestle.jpg” under Legal & environmental, those are the things you need to mention under those boxes highlighted in yellow

13. To Have the header and sub-header

14. Take note of the language use

15. Urkund Score cannot exceed 10%

16. Those Podcast slides only for you to read through not for references (Session 2, 4,7)