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3.3 Laptop Sales at a London Computer Chain: Bar Charts and Boxplots. The file LaptopSalesJanuary2008.xls contains data for all sales of laptops at a computer chain in London in January 2008. This is a subset of the full dataset that includes data for the entire year.

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  1. Create a bar chart, showing the average retail price by store. Which store has the highest average? Which has the lowest?
  2. To better compare retail prices across stores, create side-by-side boxplots of retail price by store. Now compare the prices in the two stores from (a). Does there seem to be a difference between their price distributions?


  1. Please note XLMiner Explore is an interactive visualization tool for part b of 3.2 part b.

    Your assignment results should be summarized in a report (Word document) which refer to the worksheets containing the charts in your final attached Spreadsheets.

    Please note XLMiner Explore charts need to be screen shot to save.