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1.    You have transported your used instrument tray to the processing/sterilisation room.  On this tray you have a high speed handpiece, a contra angle slow speed handpiece,    1 x ultrasonic scaler tip, 1 x sickle scaler, 1 x mouth mirror, 1 x periodontal probe,   1 x explorer,  2 x transfer tweezers, 4 used cotton rolls that are visibly soiled with blood,  1 x rubber prophylaxis cup used, patient treatment bib, used gloves and used masks. Detail the process that you will take to clean, disinfect and or sterilise each of these items. Be mindful of the requirements of waste disposal and the correct bin for items. Also consider the PPE requirements for yourself. In dot point format list your procedure from contaminated tray to sterile instruments2.    List three possible reasons why a pouch that has just been removed from a completed autoclave tray would be considered unsterile and needs to be reprocessed?


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Management of a companu could use Sensitivity and Scenario analysis in their corporate decision makings. How their decision making could be related to capital budgeting techniques such as Internal Rate of Return, Net Present Value etc. Explain the following concepts in relation to Capital Budgeting Techniques. Sensitivity Analysis
Scenario Analysis
Explain and identify similarities  and differences between the following two models. Capital Asset Pricing Model Capital Market line2.    Provide information on the required times that hand hygiene must be completed throughout a day. Provide either three signs or posters detailing the correct procedure and technique for effective Hand Hygiene by way of hand washing, hand sanitiser use and how to do a surgical hand scrub.