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Clinical Annotated Bibliography Identify 10 peer-reviewed scholarly journal articles from the University Library on performing a needs assessment. What is an annotated bibliography? -An annotated bibliography is a list of citations to books, articles, web pages, and other documents. The reference citation is listed first, and is then followed by a brief description(Do this for each article or annotated bibliography). The annotation informs the reader of the relevance and quality of the sources cited. Provided below is a sample annotated bibliography (APA format). Example Annotated Bibliography Adult Education. (2003). In the Encyclopedia Britannica Online. Chicago: Encyclopedia Britannica. Retrieved March 23, 2002, from This is a good overview article from a well-known, non- specialized encyclopedia that focuses on the various definitions of adult education. A brief history of adult education worldwide is given, as well as a discussion on the different modalities and delivery methods of adult education. There is a fairly in-depth discussion of Britain’s open university.


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Write an essay on the medical field on the ship titanic. You must describe the medical staffing, medications that had on board, disease that were spreading on the ship, who paid for the health care on the titanic? Did they only care for the upper class members on the ship or did they care for the poor people on the bottom of the ship? Any questions that have to do with the medical field on the titanic. What part of Europe did the doctors come from when they arrive on the titanic? Also l, the assignment needs to in 4 book resources, 4 magazine articles, 4 news paper articles and 4 miscellaneous sources, tv shows, museums, websites.