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These are the materials you will need for Assignment 1 where you propose a study to assess the relationships between personality traits, health attitude, and health behaviour. Make sure that you also read page 14 of the SLG Assessment Guide for hints on the actual content of your proposal. However keep in mind that most of the preparation for writing the proposal will be done in tutorials. Be aware that your research proposal is limited to 400 words and so any words in excess of the word limit will not be read by the marker. Writing succinctly is an important skill to learn for this exercise. Use the Research Proposal template as a template for your own proposal by inserting your own content into this document. Look closely at the annotated version of this template and the example provided. Use the Research Proposal Information sheet and look closely at the Research Proposal marking rubric for this assignment before you submit your proposal electronically in week 5


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Describe the difference between phenotype and genotype.2.Using a punnett square determine both the possible phenotypes and genotypes from the following parent sets:
a.Father Group A, Mother Group B.b.Father Group o, Mother Group O.c.Father Group AB, Mother Group O.11.    What are the most and least common Rh phenotypes in the following populations: Caucasian, African American, Hispanic and Asian?12.A patient has anti-f, transfused units should be negative for which antigens?13.A sample form a maternity patient shows no reaction an immediate spin with anti-D. Records indicate the patient has been tested as D positive on the last seven occasions in your blood bank. Reactions were always recorded as 3+or 4+. What are possible explanations?