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Each student will select a topic that they feel presents an ethical dilemma. Certain topics may be of a sensitive nature and somewhat subjective; therefore, if you have any questions or are struggling to identify a topic, reach out to your instructor for guidance.  Each student will create/submit a PowerPoint Presentation that addressed each element identified in the assignment guidelines.

Here is a list of some topics that have been used in the past for this assignment. You can also identify your own topic.

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Topic Ideas

· Same-sex parenting/adoption/surrogates

· Organ donation and transplant issues

· Stem cell transplants and cord blood banking

· Sperm and/or Egg preservation in teens (usually those diagnosed with cancer)

· Circumcision and/or female genital alterations

· Parental refusal of medical treatments due to religious or cultural beliefs (e.g. blood transfusions, medications)

· Child refusing treatment (e.g. wants to stop chemotherapy for cancer)

· Gender-neutral parenting

· Munchausen Syndrome

· End-of-Life Care/Decision-Making

· Neglect and Abuse (physical abuse, sexual abuse, starving, over demanding, drug-addicted at birth)

· Health Insurance Issues (e.g. lack of coverage, coverage denials, access to care)

· Foster care for medically needy children

· Teen seeking birth control, pregnancy care, or abortion (without parental guidance)

· Separated or divorced parents fighting during hospitalization

· Parents with HIV/AIDS having children

· Social isolation due to homeschooling or other alternate schooling options

· Behavioral health patients boarding on Pediatric Medical-Surgical units

Assignment Guidelines

· Dilemma description (25 points)- Identify the chosen ethical dilemma and identify the key elements (who, what, when, how, why)

· Identify the resources at the clinical agency or in the community to assist dealing with the chosen ethical dilemmas (10 points)- Identify resources available for your chosen dilemma. Identify resources available through your clinical facility and in the community (including organizations for your specific topic).

· Writing Style, APA format, Grammar/Spelling/Mechanics (5points)- All references used should be scholarly/reputable and must be cited using current edition APA format. If you need assistance with APA formatting, refer to