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This should be no more than 2 pages in length.
The following two references can be obtained as full text through the University of Newcastle electronic library:
Shirom A., Melamed S., Rogowski O., Shapira I. and Berliner S.  Workload, control, and social support effects on serum lipids: A longitudinal study among apparently healthy employed adults, Journal of Occupational Health Psychology, 14(4):349-364, 2009
MacDonald W. The Impact of Job Demands and Workload on Stress and Fatigue, Australian Psychologist, 38:102–117, 2003
• Locate and read these two articles. • Briefly explain how you searched for and located these references and write a short paragraph summarising the scope of each of them.   • Locate at least one further reference through the University electronic library, which is relevant to workload effects.  Write a couple of sentences to explain how you located this reference and a short paragraph on what it is about. • Locate 2 further academic references of relevance to the topic, from the library or from any other source, and summarise their findings.
Part 2  This should be no more than 4 pages in length.  (You should use a minimum of 2cm margins, Times New Roman 12 point or similar font and 1.5 line spacing.)
Using the literature located above and any additional literature you have consulted, write a properly referenced report covering:
1. The various psychological effects and impacts of workload and job demands; 2. The extent (prevalence and/or incidence) and awareness of occupational stress among various stake holders; 3. A discussion of the controls and management strategies that could be used in the prevention of occupational stress in the workplace.
Marks will be allocated for the quality of writing and argument, for appropriate ‘in text’ citation and for end-noting of references.  You must use a consistent and recognised style for both aspects of referencing, preferably, Vancouver.  Please make sure you read through the academic skills lecture notes relevant to library searching and referencing and work through the Academic Integrity Module (AIM) before commencing.  In addition, the on-line tutorials on information skills and referencing available on the library website are very helpful.  Please ensure that you are familiar with the policy on Academic Integrity.  Do not copy and paste text from your sources.
Submission Procedure You must submit your assignment to Turnitin through Blackboard.  Go to the Assessment tab, click on Submit Assignment Here, then click on “I confirm that the work submitted here complies with statements 1 to 3 above.”  Click on view/complete to upload your assignment.  Your assignment should have a title and include your name as written on your student card and your student number.  Include the page number in the footer.  Make sure you also identify your assignment with your name and student number in the header.  Please do NOT use the University Assignment cover page as it registers on the similarity index.
Detailed Marking Scheme No specific minimum length has been set as there is a lot of variation in writing and presentation styles.  Nevertheless, the level of detail required means that the assignment is likely to be at least 1500 words in length.  Very brief assignments are unlikely to score well on content.  If the assignment exceeds the page length, the final mark will be penalised by 5% of the total, for every page or part of a page in excess of the overall total of 6 pages (excluding a title page, any large figures and tables and the end reference list).
Part 1 • Locating and summarising the 2 given references:   4 marks
• Locating and summarising one other University Library reference: 2 marks
• Locating and summarising 2 further references from any source

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