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Assignment: Written assessment (2000words) You may choose any topic. Requirements to be followed strictly An introduction, body and conclusion (unless specifically instructed) APA 6th referencing Style The use of 3rd person (unless specifically instructed) File type – Word Font: size – 12pt; type: Arial, Times New Roman or Calibri Line spacing: 1.5 or 2.0 Evidence is required that a wide range of relevant, high quality and recent literature has been chosen and analysed in support of arguments. The marker will examine essays by assessing whether you have addressed the question in full, engaged in critical analysis of the issues, and supported arguments with the relevant and high-quality literature. Please refer to the marking guide criteria provided for you in VU Collaborate, in the Assessments section. Please observe the assignment word limit, as word count that exceeds or is below the word limit will attract a penalty. A 10% wordcount outside of the specified word limit is generally accepted however, you will be penalised at the rate of5% of available marks for every further 10% outside the word limit.We have the attached the essay rubric marking and word documents for the topic.

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