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You are required to identify an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander community or tribe in your area of practice. Explore various aspects of their culture and prevailing issues affecting the community and their engagement with community services and health systems. The project report for this task must address the following criteria, i.e. include a brief description of:  The Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander community you have identified.  Their cultural practices and concepts including importance of dreaming.  Importance of law in the community.  Importance of kinship in the community Impacts of European settlement on this community, including: o Stolen generation o Loss of land and culture.Political issues impacting the community.  Historical or cultural factors or issues affecting the community Social issues impacting the community.  Economic issues impacting the community.  Impacts of discrimination, trauma, exclusion and negative attitudes on the community.  Factors that contribute to their ill health. Common diseases experienced by these groups of people.

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