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1.   Select ONE case study from the list below;
2.    identify the ethical issues that are raised by the events described in the chosen case study
3.    analyse the ethical issues in relation to the notions of human dignity, human rights, your professional codes of ethics/conduct, relevant professional policies/legislation, and the principles of health care ethics studied in this unit; and
4.    make recommendations for professional practice

Please follow the marking criteria and choose one case study and do as given informations given Finally please give me the solution by the dead line please.PLEASE CHECK THE ATTACHED FILES PLEASE USE APA REFERENCING STYLE X 15 and please use academic references (preferably australian) This assignment for HEALTH CARE ETHICS should apply grade attributes 3 & 4, which is mentioned below; GA3 apply ethical perspectives in informed decision making GA4 think critically and reflectively References x 15 not older than 5 years Words- 1500

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“The healthcare system is in chaos. It is critical then that contemporary nursing and healthcare leaders identify skills sets that will be needed by nurse leaders in 2020 and begin now to create the educational models and development programs necessary to assure these skills are present” (Huston, 2008). Discuss the above statement. Discuss the above statement, providing examples from your clinical experience The length of your paper should be approximately 1500 words. Use IMU cover sheet and comment sheet. The paper must be word processed using Times Roman font, size 12 Use double spacing with headings and sub headings Pages should be numbered Use the American Psychological Association (APA) format for referencing (at least 4 reference) Use correct grammar, sentence structure and spelling Acknowledge authors in your text citations The structure of the paper should include introduction, content as per guidelines provided and conclusion