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Firstly please check the marking rubric and 5 other attached files I started working on this assignment but had other assignments as well so was not able to complete this . I have completed prelude for first video of sherry and i have attached the prelude in the attachments please check it .It could be helpful and then you complete the assignment in your way Select one (1) video as your chosen client. Located in this folder is a selection of short 6-10-minute videos. You are required to select one (1) as the chosen client. This is Sherry. Sherry moved to Bunderberg, Australia 10 years ago from the United States. She is a registered nurse and is working at the public hospital. Sherry gives a personal insight into her trajectory phase. As the registered nurse / primary nurse identify Sherrys health need and what are the necessary care delivery / coordination and strategies that will support and meet her current and potential need requirements. WATCH VIDEO Meet Sherry Time: 8:14 User: n/a – Added: 19/11/16 YouTube URL: Meet Cathy Meet Cathy and husband Brett. They live at Kawana on the Sunshine Coast, only recently becoming an Australian citizens on 26th January as they had immigrated to Australia from Canada 3 years earlier. Cathy is currently undergoing treatment for her illness. Identify a health need to the trajectory phase, and as the registerd nurse / primary nurse caring for her, implement the care delivery / coordination and appropriate strategies necessary to support the action plan. Watch Video AT YOUTUBE URL Cathy’s story Time: 6:43 User: n/a – Added: 17/10/08 Darren Billing’s Story This is Darren Billing. Darren has been living with Motor Neuron disease for the past 12 months at home with his two sons. As the registered nurse / primary nurse caring for Darren you are required to identify a health need and implement the care delivery / coordination and the appropriate strategies that will support Darren towards the desired health goal. Darren is living at Caloundra. Watch Video Darren Billing’s Story Time 9:33 Watch the video on youtube titled 10-Year-Old Carer: Motor Neurone Disease | Australia In order to appropriately address the health need, draw on the use of the socio ecological framework (s/e framework) to implement the plan of care. As the registered nurse / primary nurse, you are asked to plan the ‘action of care’ identified as important to the identified health need. Use each section of the s/e framework as a strategy. Justify and rationalise the clinical judgements made and the ‘action of care’ that support and illustrate the care delivery / coordination. Sources: Use nursing journals as primary sources of evidence and best practice. Note: By engaging in a persons storytelling and listening to their concerns a health professional, registered nurse / primary nurse, will gather the data necessary to formulate a plan of care to an identified health need. Use the s/e framework to implement the care and achieve the goal (s) required. Item Task 2 – Information Description Gilbert and Brown states (2016) clinical skills are more than successfully performing task; they incorporate client assessment, identification of deficits and problems, and the ability to critically think to provide solutions. Thus, the goal for this assessment is to promote knowledge in clinical decision making and care coordination for a client who is living with a progressive illness. Requirement First identify using nursing knowledge a health need that is relevant to the client’s illness requirement and trajectory phase. Following this, recognise the specific health care intervention (s) (goals) that supports the indivudual to achieve the goals from the health need. Based on the concepts of learning taken from within the coursework reason and justify the action of care delivery and coordination, as this approach will allow evidence base reasoning and a rationale on the actions of care identified as important. Promote your role as the rgistered nurse / primary nurse and the knowledge that supports the clinical decisions you make. By applying the S/E framework as a tool the approach to care delivery and coordination encompasses all elements of a person world – individual, close relationships and external health delivery/support. The five sections of the framework are to be used as a tool allowing a nurse to provide effective care in order to meet and to achieve the realistic health goal(s). To achieve the goals of care each of the 5 sections of the s/e framework provides the identification and the use of valuable resources available. It is to be assume that the client is living locally in the Southeast region of Queensland. A background brief on each client is attached to their vignette. All care interventions are to consider using the resources available within the local, near to where the client lives. Format This assignment contains equal word count responses per section under each of the subheadings used of the s/e framework. In other words, each of the s/e framework five sections is to contain equal portion word count. Am I required to promote my care coordination using the resources located locally to where is client lives? Yes, you need to recognise what is the relevant strategies that would support your health assessment using each of the five sections of the s/e framework. Ensure that the care provided addresses the health need of the illness and is relevant to the trajectory phase. Make sure these suggested care delivery goal(s) are relevant and near to where the person is living. I am not sure how I should approach this assessment item as I have not written to equal word count responses before? Headings and subheadings may be used to highlight each section and those of the five sections of the S/E framework. Each section should be of equal length in word count and for this item around 250 words for each part. Within the five sections a discussion should exist on what/who may assist (influence) or hinder (effects) achieving an outcome to the identified nursing assessment. If you wish there can be more than one nursing action to discuss for a section but you are better to provide only one in detail more than too many. For further information refer to assessment folder on blackboard. Is the Prelude included in the word count? No. The prelude is not included in the word count. The prelude is prior to the introduction section and give a summary or the communication about the client. As it is a summary of the client and their circumstance view it as a clincal handover. It should be considered a brief ‘clinical handover’ (so here you could promote the ISBAR/SBAR approach) on the current and possible pending health circumstances. The prelude can be an considered an advantage as there is the chance to use an extra 200- 250 words that do not need to be repeated again in the assignment. Therefore adopt the use of a prelude wisely and promote effective communication on your client and their clinical circumstances (identify the client, situation, background, assessment, recommendation/strategy) in a skilled and confident way. The prelude should lead the reader into the introduction section. The possibility on the range of word count within the item is as follows: 1500-word count +10% is 1650 words total (including intext referencing) 1500-word count -10% is 1350 words total (including intext referencing) The prelude does not have to be referenced it is not a requirement. In addtion ISBAR use is not to be promoted in dot points in this section but as a written application. The presentation of the essay is to reflect academic intregrity and the prelude should strenghten the main body without a repeat of words – it is the background information on the person and stops any repetition occuring in the main body of the discussion. How do I apply the video case to my decison making as the primary nurse? This one is quite easy if you adopt the approach that you are listening and observing the responses and reactions that the client is making in the video as an interview. Consider the video to be simular to any nursing assessment that is done in any health setting – a process of gathering clinical data from the client and their family members. Once you have gathered information, formulate a nursing plan of care and set realistic goals to delivery that care. Coordinate what is needed to address the health need (requirement, issue, problem) using the s/e framework as your strategy. Do I need to reference my video? No Do I need to provide a conclusion? A structured piece of tertiary writing should always contain a conclusion. Any conclusion is a summary of key findings or your key understanding on the concepts that have been put forward in the dicussion throughout the product. Therefore, concluding on any written work is good practice and expected in academic (professional) writing.