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TASK INSTRUCTIONS:  Part A: Choose ONE Queensland community from the list below.  Beenleigh Charters Towers Inala Longreach Miami Moreton Roma  Warwick Research your chosen community, e.g., location, key features, population, and sociodemographics.  As part of this research you should review the latest (2016) census data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) for the community, Queensland and the nation. AND then present as Two Tables for Part A, using the templates provided on Pages 5 & 6. 1. Create and populate Table 1 with 2016 ABS census data and present data for your community, Queensland and Australia. You need to present eleven characteristics in total for Table 1 (the six provided plus five others of your choice). Create and populate Table 2 by analyzing the data determined from your community data to outline three inferences about the population characteristics (see example Tables from workshops).   Part B: Write a 1,500-word essay in which you describe the process of community assessment and explain your assessment of the community of choice. In your essay, you must:   2. Introduce the task and include a thesis statement that argues the importance of undertaking community assessment  3. Discuss the purpose of community assessment and explain this concept (what it is, why it is undertaken, when and how it is performed), with reference to scholarly literature 4. Describe the key characteristics of your chosen community

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