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Assignment 1 Clinical issue analysis and health promotion pamphlet (approx. 500 words)
Students are to select one of the clinical skills listed in the study plan in module 2.
Students are required to prepare a two page handout suitable to be given to clients in the PHC setting (can be general practice or another setting),
The handout should use evidence based data and provide relevant, suitable and current health promotion information relating to the chosen clinical issue. Students will determine what should be included in the handout.

Provide the following:
A two (2) page handout with images if required. (references can be provided on the handout if there is space) OR provided as a separate list, referring to the handout.

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Students are to provide a 400-500 word explanation of their handout, providing rationales for the information contained within it. Again, references are expected. E.g. why did the student include particular information in the handout, why is it important in the PHC setting? Etc.
The handout must not replicate any other handout and be the students original work, referenced appropriately where other sources are used.