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Nursing Leadership & Management With a Focus on Priority Action Steps to further understand the importance of Critical Thinking in the field of nursing. Please provide an answer for each Module question – Module 1: Theories and Styles of Leadership Describe two leadership theories that are especially important to nursing Module 2: Theories and Styles of Management • Describe the relationship between leadership and management Module 3: Role Transitioning Describe four paths to nursing leadership/management Module 4: Managing Stress • Describe the health consequences of stressful work Module 5: Managing Time Identify inappropriate time management procedures and time traps Module 6: Critical Thinking  Explain what critical-thinking skills are Module 7: Communicating Effectively  Identify ways to use emotional intelligence to communicate with others Module 8: Managing Conflict  Define conflict Module 9: Delegating  Identify the essential elements of effective delegation Module 10: Acting Legally, Ethically, and Politically  Discuss legal issues that impact the nursing profession Module 11: Motivating and Team Building  Discuss stages of team development Module 12: Budgeting and Managing Resources  Discuss the principles of three different types of budgets Module 13: Demonstrating Effectiveness and Quality Care Describe disparities in healthcare provision Module 14: Managing Change and Innovation  Explain the nature of change in nursing Module 15: Using Information Technology  Discuss the advantages of electronic health records Module 16: Staffing and Nurse Retention  Describe the relationship between the nursing shortage and staffing Module 17: Recruiting and InterviewingDescribe the process of recruitment Module 18: Establishing a Healthy Environmentx Describe how authentic leaders create a healthy work environment Module 19: Developing Staff Describe the LEAD Project for minority nurses Module 20: Evaluating Staff Performance and Ensuring Quality • Describe a clinical practice development model to measure nursing practice Module 21: Coaching and Mentoring  Discuss the difference between coaching and mentoring Module 22: Reducing Workplace Violence • Describe environmental designs that can reduce workplace violence Module 23: Succession Planning  Describe the challenges of succession planning

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