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Use the uploaded quantitative research articles to answer the following question. Upload your answers in a clearly labeled Word document in APA format Introduction: Statement of the problem ? Was the problem stated unambiguously, and was it easy to identify? ? Is the problem significant for nursing? ? Did the problem statement build a persuasive argument for the new study? ? Was there a good match between the research problem and the methods used—that is, was a quantitative approach appropriate? Hypotheses or research questions ? Were research questions and/or hypotheses stated? If not, was their absence justified? ? Were questions and hypotheses appropriately worded, with clear specification of key variables and the study population? ? Were the questions/hypotheses consistent with existing knowledge?

ASSIGNMENT 2Your question might be a very specific example of one of these general types of enquiry:Why do we do it like that? (e.g., Is there evidence to support the routine removal of peripheral intravenous catheters (PIVC) 72 hours following insertion?) Why don’t we do it differently (e.g., Does patient education pre operatively impact on patient outcomes?) What evidence supports providing care in a particular way (e.g., Is a 4 hourly repositioning regimen frequent enough to prevent patients developing pressure injuries?) What evidence is there to support using certain assessment tools (e.g., Is there evidence that the introduction of the national graphic observation chart has increased nurses recognition and response to the deteriorating patient?)  Is there emerging evidence or a change to practice that could enhance outcomes? (e.g., Does “alarm fatigue” among nurses in critical care increase the risk of complications among patients?)