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Susan is a 65 year old school Nurse who has recently retired from an elimentary shool.She is beging to feel rather lonely now that she is no longer working.She is a widow with adult childern living out of the area.Her childern have suggested that she may want to to their city and be closer to her grand childern.She has been avoiding these discussion with her family and tells them all is fine.Moving seems like a major upheaval to her.Although she has been in fair health physically,at her last visit to the health care provider, she has lost 10 LB and is just below her desire weight. DISCUSSION QUESTION::Explain or select a developemental theorem presented in this module and apply it to scenario above.Use the chosen theorem to address the following(A)Explain her behavior(B)State two priority nursing concern and related nursing intervention for her.Identify and state any concern associated with the propose Nursing care.(2)State how propose nursing care could be ehance to be more patient center:This one is foundation in nursing practice


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The family unit is the core of all communities. As a nurse you will be integral in the care of famililies in your own local community. It is therefore important that you understand what constitutes a family, the issues that impact on families and individuals, and the strategies and interventions developed to enhance the well-being of all family members.
This module will assist you in achieving the following learning outcomes:
•    explain the concept of family in contemporary society
•    identify the structure and function of the family unit
•    identify family assessment models and explain how they facilitate working in partnership with families
•    assess the effectiveness of government and non-government policies and programs aimed at supporting families
•    critically analyse the social determinants of health and how these impact on heath care access for families
•    analyse the epidemiological impacts of health related factors on families