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you will need to choose a film NOT listed on the syllabus, but featuring either one of the directors that we cover or one of the lead actors. Your essay will be a review of the film that incorporates a film synopsis, a qualitative statement (i.e., whether you thought the film was good, funny and why) and a review of criticism of the film (that is, you will be doing library research to find out what film reviewers and critics thought of the film when it first appeared, and now.

Please submit your completed essay here. Also include a works cited page in APA format.

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2 pages! Double spaced! The movie link for “Bad Teacher “ is down below


Read the article titled Hospital Prices No Longer a Secret as New Data Reveals Bewildering System, Staggering Cost Differences written by Young andKirkham and published by Huffington Post on March 22, 2015.

After reading the article, comment on the current state of hospital pricing. What are provisions of Obamacare related to the hospital pricing. Is the federal database of national healthcare costs beneficial? If so, why? Make sure to click on the links in the article to learn more. Then, click on the link within the article and find a procedure that you can compare across two or more facilities. What have you found and learned? Share with the class.

The link is below: