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This the assignment for the course-based research experience (CRE) project. The project is worth 200 points and counts towards 30% of your final grade. You will prepare and present a PowerPoint presentation (100 points) and each team member will submit a term paper (100 points).

(1) Upload here one PowerPoint file for your team. This is the PowerPoint that you will present on the day of the Final.

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Academic level of your paper

Type of Paper

When is it due?

How many pages is this assigment?

(2) You will also upload your specific term paper here.

The term paper should be APA style.  Paper should have four sections Introduction, Methods, Results, and Discussion.  You can use what I have written for the Introduction and Methods in the “Paper Working” document below. Use the Excel file below for the Results section of the paper. Write your own Discussion section.

Here are the two files you will use to create your PowerPoint and your term paper:


this assignment is due in 7 hours…… must have done in 7 hours

Writing Directions:

In at least 250 words, compose an initial post regarding the following prompt:

Based on “The Digital Panopticon—The Daily You: How the New Advertising Industry Is Defining Your Identity and Your Worth” by Joseph Turow,

what 3 things did you learn from this reading, or what confused you from the reading? Listing and explaining are a great way to answer this question.

What 2 stellar quotes stood out to you from the reading? Please copy and paste the quotes and explain why they stood out to you.

What 1 question do you still have after completing the reading?