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 Major Paper #1: PRACTICAL Proposal For this assignment,you will be developing a practical proposal(choose a topic of your own) that advocates  that something should be done to address or alleviate a  problem. Your first aim is to convince your audience that a situation is a problem (if that’s needed, but it usually will need to be done) and then to propose that a certain action should betaken to respond to that problem. What action is possible and desirable? Your starting point might well be something that bothers you and that you feel should be changed. (Of course, you might have to convince your readers that it is a problem for them too, if that is not obvious.) Then, devote the balance of the paper to advocating your plan for dealing with that problem.


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Final Copy: 900+ words, double-spaced, 12- point standard font


Final copy should adhere to MLA documentation style / refer to MLA resources in the Getting Started module


All sources used in your paper should be documented correctly according to your specific documentation style. In-text (parenthetical) citations for any material directly quoted, paraphrased, or summarized should correspond to citations on the Works Cited page.


Feel free to include images, graphs, tables, or other visual elements in your essay if they seem appropriate. You can experiment here with using visual as well as verbal rhetoric in the essay. Note: Visual elements should be cited on the Works Cited page.