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3rd and Final Writing Assignment Due: Sunday, March 21, 2021 

Prompt 1: Introduction to Business: Employment Law 

You work as a Human Resources (HR) representative for a medium-sized Internet/cable company in the United States. Today you are meeting with Kyle, who is the new manager of a team of 150 customer service representatives. Kyle tells you that five of his female customer service reps have provided him with documented proof that they have repeatedly been passed over for promotion, while men with fewer years of experience and fewer skills were promoted instead.

First, identify to Kyle which area of employment law his concern pertains to and which federal agency administers and enforces that area of law. Then, in one or more fully formed paragraphs, describe the four major issues that are covered by that area of law.

(Minimum word count: 250)

·  The area of employment law that Kyle’s concern pertains to is Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) law. 

o  Discrimination (based on gender)

o  Unfair Treatment (denying the promotion)

o  Affirmative Action  (not achieving equal opportunity for minorities)

o  Hostile Work Environment (intimidating work environment)