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 you need to explore the tools and techniques that you will use in your data analysis. Begin the section that will address the data you will analyze. You need to compare the data sets from two different years, or two different populations. . (Be as detailed as possible and use the Analytics Strategy Template to check your work.)

6. Tools and Techniques

  1. Explain what tools you will use to measure the data and include your statistical analysis methodology
  2. Describe the Key Performance Indicators you will use

7. Data Analysis for Strategic decision making

  1. Provide the sources of data that you will use
  2. Explain the statistical methodologies and start to analyze the data (Note that you may want to discuss your statistical methods with your instructor. Consider using a t-test, correlation, ANOVA, or regression. You may find some help here:  or
  3. Present the information in a usable way.