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Directions, Guidelines, Requirements, and Grading Rubric for Essay 1 – The Rogerian Argument  This paper must adhere to the following guidelines:  *Eight-paragraphs ONLY + a Works Cited page (* = 2-introduction para., 4-body para, 1-refutation para, and 1-conclusion para)  Use MLA formatting and rules of citation (Arial 12-point font ONLY; review other rules in The Norton MLA Handbook)  Use 4-cited sources from research and the resources provided in the Essay 1-folder (all evidence must be cited using MLA Rules and Guidelines for In-text/Parenthetical Citation see the following pages of The Norton 2016 MLA Handbook: 1; 4 – 11; 39 – 46)  Provide only one-piece of evidence/one quote in each body paragraph! Evidence is o a direct quote, o paraphrased information/a condensed version of the ideas of an author, o statistics, o If you are unsure whether or not a piece of information or a source you want to use is credible, discuss it with me before using it.  Thesis statement must be underlined and placed as the last sentence of the second introduction paragraph If it isn’t, I will assume you didn’t create it and 20-points will be deducted.  Essay must have an original title  No title page; use the MLA formatting required heading  Must create a Works Cited page (see the following pages of The Norton 2016 MLA Handbook: 2 – 4; 11 – 40; 48-49) Grading Rubric  Thesis statement 20%  Topic sentences 10%  Value and appropriateness of evidence 10%  Critical analysis of evidence 30%  In-text citation (author information for quotes) 10%  Grammar, mechanics, syntax 20%  Total points earned 100% Paper topics Below is a series of questions to consider when determining one’s position and reason for it = a thesis statement w/a specific position and controlling idea/a reason for this argument. 1. On an Access Hollywood taped conversation between President Trump and Billy Bush, the President was recorded saying that he can “grab beautiful women by the pussy and they allow it because of who he is.” After this tape was made public, the President excused his conversation with Billy Bush as “locker room talk;” he declared that all men engage in this type of banter and there is nothing wrong with it. Do you agree or disagree with his excuse for this sexist, demeaning behavior? Create an argument in which you choose a specific position, provide a reason for it, and defend it. 2. Currently, women see men’s fear of being “outed” as a tool to stop the historical harassment and abuse of power that men have used against women for centuries. Is this a practical approach in the quest to hold men accountable for their past abuses? Create an argument in which you choose a specific position, provide a reason for it, and defend it. 3. How can men become allies for the #MeToo movement? Is this a reasonable expectation of men? 4. What is an unintended consequence(s) of an accusation of sexual harassment? How can a balance be achieved so that society is conscientious yet not stifled and unsure of what is acceptable? 5. “Men oppress and cast women out of social and work environments because ‘men’ don’t know how to behave around them.” Is never being alone with the opposite sex a solution to decreasing the chance of being sexually harassed? If not, what is the solution? You can choose one of these topics for Essay 1, or use an argument of your own creation about the topic of “sexual harassment, the #MeToo Movement, or an extension of the ideas that this specific unit deals with. If you are experiencing difficulty with this topic, please don’t hesitate to consult me.

PROCESS FOR WRITING A ROGERIAN ARGUMENT RESEARCH ESSAY 1. Choose a topic from the list and answer it based on your opinion. 2. Create a thesis. 3. List at least 5 reasons in support of your position (ordered most important to least important). 4. List refutation – opposing views to your argument. 5.Gather and organize your research information. 6. From the research information, identify specific proof = quotes/examples/statistics/facts, etc., for each reason in support of your position. 7. CREATE A DRAFT 8.Get feedback on your draft = in-class peer editing, NLC’s Writing Center/OWL, meet with professor outside class. 9. Revise the content based on feedback. 10. Edit for grammar, mechanics, and formatting. 11. Submit final draft.

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The Rogerian Argument must be organized according to this outline. I.1st Introductory Paragraph  Provide background information on debate  Don’t assume that the audience is as familiar with this subject and debate as the author Provide the audience with basic, necessary information to understand this subject  No quotes allowed in this paragraph II. 2nd Introductory Paragraph (moves the audience towards your position in a debate)  Sets the context for your position.  No quotes allowed in this paragraph  Thesis Statement (must be the underlined last sentence of intro. Para. 2): States theposition being argued. III. Four Body Paragraphs w/one piece of evidence in each  Topic sentence  Sub-topic sentence  Evidence = quote/example/statistic/historical fact/personal experience, etc. (Evidence supports the position being argued. Without it, you do not have an argument but just your opinion, which is unacceptable.)  Critical Analysis = the explanation of “how” and/or “why” this evidence supports your position Transition sentence to next paragraph IV.Refutation Paragraph – Objections to your position Mentions positions opposed to the one being argued. Provide at least 3-reasons against your position.  Create two-concise sentences for each reason, and do not counter-argue these reasons.  No quotes allowed in this paragraph  Refutation must be presented in a separate paragraph, just before the conclusion paragraph or immediately after the 2nd introduction paragraph V. Conclusion Paragraph  Do not start this paragraph with the phrase “In conclusion”  It must bring the essay to an end that flows logically and gracefully from the rest of theessay.  No quotes allowed in this paragraph  Here, you can provide your opinion using first person (“I think; I believe; I know; etc.). This is the only place in this essay where you are allowed to use first person.