a survey paper on Data Mining (DM) and Data Warehousing(DW)

In this assignment, you need to complete a survey paper on Data Mining (DM) and Data Warehousing(DW). The major objective of this assignment is to get yourself familiar with the online resources related to DM/DW.

Detailed Requirements 1) Topic: In this assignment, you need to select a topic of interest for your survey paper. The topic can be a specific DM/DW technique, such as classification & predication, association rule generation, clustering, and text mining. Alternatively, it can be a specific DM/DW application, such as customer behavior analysis, recommendation system for e-commerce, market trend analysis, link prediction for social networks, spam filtering, fraud detection, intrusion detection, web usage analysis, and medical/biological applications.Here is a list of DM applications from Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Examples_of_data_mining

2) References: You should find at least three references that are closely related to your selected topic. The references should be properly cited in the survey paper. Note that areference can be a journal/conference paper, a book, a case study from a company’s web site, or apress release. The only requirement is that each reference should provide adequate information about the problemto be tackled and theproposed solution. 3) Structure: Your survey paper should include the following components: a)A cover page that includes the title of your survey, your name, and your banner ID. b)Problem description c)Proposed solution (or solutions) d)Performance of proposed solution (or solutions) e)Your comments on the solution (or solutions) f)List of References 4) Length:The survey paper should include at least 3 pages. With the cover page, there should be at least 4 pages the format of the survey paper: 1) Single space should be used

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