A written analysis of a case study drawn from a selection of cases


A written analysis of a case study drawn from a selection of cases studies, responses to essay questions, and / or short answer responses to focused questions.



Submission guidelines: • Answer all questions. • Entire submission should be around 2500 words • Your answers should contain evidence of the following: o knowledge and understanding of the key theoretical concepts related to Innovation Management o critical analysis of issues o application of the relevant theory to the case study o relevant use of examples and additional supporting literature o accurate use of references and in-text citations Question 1 (40%) (word limit: 1000 words) In the case study “From SixDegrees.com to Facebook: The rise of social networking sites” (Schilling, 2017, Chapter 5), why do you think SixDegrees.com failed whereas Facebook is more successful? In discussing and justifying your answer, use evidence from the case study and from your own research, and apply appropriate theories and analytical tools. 

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