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After reading Chapters 2 and 3 in your textbook, think about the
concepts of program planning that you have reviewed so far and apply
what you have learned to complete the Assignment. Use your text and at
least one other scholarly resource to support your responses.
Choose a non-profit and/or social service program. Describe the
program mission, the population it serves and at least three program
goals. Describe whether the program mission and goals are intended to
address a social condition or social problem. Also, describe the
organization’s structure. Finally, evaluate the organizational structure
in terms of “effectiveness” and “efficiency.” Is the program effective
and efficient in relation to social service partnership and
collaboration? Make sure you use your text and peer-reviewed resources
from the Library to support your answers.
Provide appropriate citations and references in APA format when
referencing the text and any other outside source in your answers. Your
Assignment should be 3-4 pages long.

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