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case study involving the violation of a professional standard of practice or law with respect to the ethical and or political ramifications. DUE: 11/25/2017
Title of the paper: The right to die: Euthanesia)**look for the law associated with the right to die **look it up in DOH website
(****Be creative, make up a scenario in the form of a case study, of a friend dying with cancer who ask a friend nurse to kill her, to prevent her from suffering)
The scholarly paper will be graded using the following guidelines:

1.    Statement of the violation; description of the act of omission or commission. (5 points)
***Statement, just as she asked
Please write # 1 entire subtitle (statement of violations of the right to die law and start the statement (1 paragraph)
2.    In depth description of the Standard of Practice or Law involved. (10 points)
# Please write # 2 entire subtitle (describe in depth standards of practice or law involving euthanasia) title and start describing as above paragraph)
3.    Analysis of the legal considerations of the case. (20 points)
# Please write # 3 entire subtitle (discuss Analysis of the legal consideration of euthanasia)
4. Analysis of the ethical and/or political considerations of the case. (20 points) (same as above)
. # Please write # 4  entire subtitle  (discuss Analysis of the ethical and or political law of euthanasia )
5 Summary of the facts involved. (10 points)
# Please write # 5 entire subtitle  (summarize the facts involved in euthanasia )
6. Statement of opinion & justification for your judgment of the        case. (10 points) Personal Opinion ( what do you think of the euthanasia law, in forms of “I think so????)

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