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  • You may answer each case discussion question in each paragraph and separate different paragraphs for different questions. You don’t have to copy the discussion questions in your answer.
  • Although quantity is not quality, however I do not accept 1-2 sentence answers to each question. Please make a thorough case analysis, post 300 to 500 words’ case analysis (roughly 1.5-3 pages double spaced with12-font),



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Shelby Diaz, country manager for Cepuros Foods International-Malaysia (CFI-M), must decide a growth strategy for the expansion of CFI-M’s line of salsas, particularly regarding whom to target and how to allocate marketing investments. CFI-M could expand aggressively by mass marketing to the general population A more conservative approach would use targeted communications and promotions Diaz needs to build an argument for a specific growth strategy and recommend which marketing investments CFI-M should pursue.

Case Discussion Questions:

  1. What determines the demand for Baik Sos cooking sauces in Malaysia? What are the differences between the factors affecting demand for Baik Sos cooking sauces and the demand for Baik Sos salsa?
  2. Using a SWOT analysis, what was CFI-M’s situation in 2017?
  3. Evaluate the possible growth strategies using the product/market matrix concept for CFI-M’s salsa line.
  4. How should CFI develop the salsa market in Malaysia? How should CFI-M allocate its marketing investments?