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Answer the following questions:
What do you understand by exception handling? What kinds of errors does exception handling handles?
– 5 points
What are different approaches to handling exceptions? Which approach does provide more elegant solutions and how?. – 6 points
What kind of exception is thrown when an attempt is made to access an array with invalid subscript and why? – 4 Points

What are the drawbacks to traditional error-handling approaches? What detects an error in object-oriented approach to error handling? – 6 Points
How do Try and Catch blocks work?
Can a try block catch as many exceptions as desired? . – 4 Points
Answer all the questions in a
Word Document (.doc or .docx format).
Assignments submitted in any other format will not be accepted. A grade of 0 (zero) will be awarded in such cases.
Use the textbook and lectures to comprehend the concepts and answer the questions precisely and concisely. Do not just copy the text from the textbook to answer the questions. Do not forget to cite the textbook as a source using APA or MLA documentation style. If you use external source in addition to the textbook to add anything, you must cite these source(s) as well.
This PDF is the notes from class over chapter 10

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