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Answer the following questions as if you are a college student on work experience and your major is Finance.  your placement was as a Senior Administrative Officer.


1. Skills, Knowledge, and Competence

2. Knowledge Base and Personal Skill Set

3. New knowledge and skills relevant to my academic studies and future career goals

4. How my thinking about career choices has been influenced by Work Experience?


5. Observations about the Organization and Professional Roles and Norms

6. How did the work experience change your view of yourself and contribute to your professional development?

7. What knowledge and skills (new or enhanced) we developed?

8. How did the WE affect your academic or career plans?

9. How did you think, feel and act in a professional setting and how did others in the setting think, feel and act toward you? What insights did you gain into your attitudes, values and behaviours?

10. Reflect on your approach to problem resolution in organizations. Explain the cause of any problem experienced and each step used to resolve it.

11. How could you have benefited more from the Work experience program?

12. Examples of how workplace performance Improved by accepting feedback or suggestions from workplace supervisors or others

13. How teamwork skills contributed to the success of the work experience, and analyze how teamwork by all workers affected by all workers affected the productivity at the worksite.

14. Discuss whether you would recommend this organization to continue in the work experience program.


15. Work Experience achievements

16. Examples of Accomplishments and the consequences of your work

17. Personal qualities professional and technical skills developed through work experience.

18. Personal Observation

19. Speculations, questions, and predictions

20. Evidence of developing self-awareness

21. Connections between personal experience and new information – what new knowledge had been gained?

22. Description of how participating in work experience assisted with development and transition plan for completion of school and entering the workplace

23. SWOT Analysis of Agency

24. Recommendations on improvements Work Place