APA format, 750 words, about YOUR experience AS A COUNSELOR

 APA format, 750 words, about YOUR experience AS A COUNSELOR with Your Client.  Use research/references to support your responses 

Counselor Description (You): African American, Female, Mid 30

Client: (Adolescent Sibling), Specifier: Depression, 

Client background: You are in a family of siblings—1 emerging adult sibling guardian, 1 adolescent, and 1 middle childhood aged child. Your father has been sentenced to life in prison for the homicide of your mother from domestic violence. It has been 2 years since your mother’s death. You are all receiving case management services from DCF. 

*Attached intake information for client


  1. Identify sex, gender, sexuality and other pertinent cultural similarities and differences between you and your client.
  2. Explain how your cultural and clinical worldviews influence your dialogue, treatment planning, and expectations of yourself and your client in the session. (Use research to support your response.) 
  3. Describe assumptions that you have learned to make about your client’s specific sex, gender, sexuality (Even if you think these assumptions, beliefs, or biases do not play a role in your current counseling relationship and approach, discuss how they could influence your counseling. Provide a specific example.)
  4. Describe the feelings that you have about your client. How do these feelings relate to your client’s sex, gender, sexuality, or cultural identity?
  5. Discuss how your and your client’s beliefs about health, healing, disease, mental health, and addiction differ.
  6. Describe how your client’s experience with discrimination, oppression, and prejudice could influence his/her current level of distress, psychological functioning, and response to treatment. (Use research to support your response.)
  7. Explore how you attended to your client’s worldview in the session (verbal and non-verbal communication).
  8. Describe a misunderstanding or erroneous counseling response during the counseling session that appears related to differences in cultural identification, values, or behavior.
  9. Identify cultural knowledge that you must obtain to gain a better understanding of your client and how you will gain it. (Use your Cultural Diversity and Cultural Competency Self-Assessment from Lesson 2 and relevant research to support your response.)
  10. Discuss the most important lessons that you have learned from the simulation as a mock client and as a human services provider.  (amended from SAMHSA, 2014, p. 93)

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