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Format Requirements:

  1. The case assignment should be  two pages (12-pt.      font, single-spaced). If using references other than the text book, you can put them on another page.
  2. APA format style is preferred.
  3. You don’t need to write a case summary or introduction in the write-up. Just answer the questions.
  4. Please specify clearly which question you are      answering. You can put your answer directly under each question. Or you      can use number 1, 2,….4 to indicate which question you are answering.      Don’t write a big paragraph and expect the professor to identify the      answer (Professor will deduct points if you do so).

Read Attached Ferrell & Gresham (1985), “A Contingency Framework for Understanding Ethical Decision Making in Marketing,” Journal of Marketing, Vol. 49 (Summer), pp. 87-96.

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2. If Only They Had Listened (Bloomberg Businessweek, June 23-29, 2014, p. 48)

Note: You can also Google online to find the article (the name changes though).


Case Questions:

  1. Identify and discuss the ethical dilemma faced by      Courtland Kelley. Apply and discuss Kelley’s situation following Ferrell’s      & Gresham’s Contingency Framework focusing on the 3 variables      impacting ethical decision making.
  2. Stakeholders are directly or indirectly affected by an      organization’s actions.  Provide at least 3 specific stakeholders      affected by the situation.
  3. Discuss the challenges in addressing the ethical      dilemma faced by Kelley by identifying at least 2 key issues and their      subsequent implications/ramifications.
  4. If you were Kelley, how would you have responded to the      ethical dilemma?
  5. If      you were part of GM’s top management, how would you      implement a solution to respond to      the ethical dilemma?