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We have two assignments the first one written assignment 4000 words and the other one presentation as you can see from the attached files. Regarding the first assignment: Aim The aim of this assignment is to enable the student to demonstrate thorough and systematic design of a clinical leadership project that is aligned to their practice setting. However, if appropriate, an alternative focus for the project may be negotiated with the subject coordinator. Content Thecontentoftheassignmentwillbedeterminedbythetopicandtheoverallprojectplan. However, the project will include the project aim and the specific objectives. For submission it is advised that the paper includes the following: ? An introduction to the project which will include the need and aim/s of the project ? How the project aligns with the student’s leadership role in their practice setting ? A comprehensive literature review on the topic ? The proposed project plan including realistic timeframes ? Specific measurable project objectives and how each objective will be assessed ? The key outcome that will be used to determine the success of the project ? A discussion of resources that will be required to implement the project ? A plan for evaluation of the outcomes of the project Format The format of the project will depend on the nature of the clinical project defined in the project plan. However, it is expected that electronic files of this work will be submitted via LMS unless an alternative method for submission has been negotiated. The material included in the Clinical Project Assignment should be logically sequenced and clearly identified. Statements made within project plan must be supported by evidence/references. The word limits 4000 words (excluding references)and as for all submitted work, limits exceeded by more than 10% will incur a penalty. Appendices may be used to include supplemental material to assist the student to avoid these penalties. However, please remember that material in the appendix is supplemental and should not include the work defined by the project plan. It is background information only and will not be included in the assessable content. An example of a typical contents page of a Project is included for guidance only. Notes have been added to clarify what might be included in each section. Remember that your project may require a slightly different contents section depending on the nature of the planned project.

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