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Acquiring the knowledge related to; and applying the Professional Standards and Practice Standards as mandated by CLPNBC is an important responsibility and practice expectation for all Licensed Practical Nurses. This assignment is an introduction to how you may start thinking about the Professional and Practice Standards as mandated by CLPNBC. You will be given a scenario highlighting a typical shift that a Licensed Practical Nurse may experience. You are responsible for analyzing the scenario and identifying actions taken by the nurse that would apply to the indicators under the Professional Standards and Practice Standards. The purpose of this assignment is to introduce you to the Professional Standards and Practice Standards documents from CLPNBC; and to familiarize you with how to recognize practice expectations as well as safe or unsafe practices. Your conclusion must include a personal reflection on the role of CLPNBC as it relates to a nurse’s personal and professional practice. Your assignment must be typed, double spaced, in APA format, a maximum of 5-6 pages excluding the title and reference page.

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