Are you persuaded by Amitav Acharya’s argument in The End of American

 Read Acharya’s End of American World Order. Write a review essay of the book that answers the following question: Are you persuaded by Amitav Acharya’s argument in The End of American World Order? Explain your opinion with reference to the book and the course material. As a book review essay, it must discuss the texts and offer your own commentary. This means there are two things: (a) summarize and critique the argument made The End of American World Order; and (b) provide your own analysis of world politics by answering the question above. And make reference to, the arguments outlined in The End of American World Order. The book review must refer to at least five additional academic sources. An academic source is a book, or portion of a book written by a professor, a journal article in a peer reviewed journal, or a respected policy journal. In general, academic sources are held to a higher editorial standard of evidence and logic. Non-academic sources are acceptable and include newspapers, magazines, blogs, and other random stuff you find online. Non- academic sources can be reliable, especially traditional media sources, but generally have lower editorial standards. The paper should be 1700 words long and use APA format.

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