As part of your professional development as a marriage and


As part of your professional development as a marriage and family therapist, during this program, you will be constantly engaged in the process of self-reflection and self-evaluation. To develop your MFT skills and assure your success in the program, you will continually receive feedback from your professors. Consider these activities as a continuous conversation between you and your professors. To start the conversation, complete and submit the Student Progress Evaluation (SPE) form found in this week’s resources module.

After accessing the form, take the time to review the assessment items. Reflect on your performance in this course, as it relates to each area. Then, rate your performance using the following scale:

1 – Below Expectations

2 – Working Toward Expectations

3 – Meets Expectations

Take time to provide any additional details in the comments box that may be needed to explain any of the self-evaluation ratings provided. Once you are satisfied with your responses, click the Submit button at the bottom of the form. Once your professor has completed their component and submitted the evaluation, you will receive an email with an attached PDF, including a summary of your evaluation and the professor’s evaluation.

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