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As societies developed settled agriculture, large and complex civilizations were able to develop thanks to a surplus of food. This surplus enabled civilizations to remain in one location from one generation to the next and gave people the stability needed to build the infrastructure we associate with many of today’s modern societies: government, education, specialized professions, religious systems, the arts, and differentiated social/economic classes. In this discussion, you’ll identify and discuss features of complex civilizations. 

Note, this week you will focus on ONE of the four civilizations introduced in the book:  Either Egypt, Mesopotamia, India or China. 

  1. Choose any four of the following features of civilizations.
    • Settled Agriculture
    • Urbanization/Cities
    • Art & Architectural Design
    • Writing & Literature
    • Trade
    • Established Government
    • Religious Systems
    • Social Structure/Social Classes
    • Job Specialization
  2. For each of your chosen four features:
    • Provide a general description or definition of the feature.
    • Provide a specific historical example from Acrobatiq or another scholarly resource. Include citations, links, or media to help the audience visualize your example.