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Assignment Content
Throughout the past few weeks, you have learned about the type of leader you’d like to be and how you can use your leadership skills in project management. This week’s reading discussed Kotter’s eight-step model of planned organization, appreciative inquiry, and the psychological and emotional processes involved in successful change. Leading an IT project will require you to use all of these skills when working with stakeholders. One of the most important project tasks is to present the scoping information to the stakeholders.
For this assignment, you will revise your team’s project plan to present to stakeholders. Access your team’s draft of the Project Plan Template from the Wk 3 Team – Apply: Project Scope, Budget, and Timeline Stakeholder Meeting Role Play assignment, and re-save it so you can work on it individually.
Using information from the previous weeks’ assignments and instructor feedback, revise the Project Plan Template. Your new project plan should include the following revisions and additions:
A summary of the project in Section 1: Summary
An individual revision of the timeline from the Wk 3 Team –
Apply: Project Scope, Budget, and Timeline Stakeholder Meeting
Role Play assignment in Section 3: Schedule – Milestones
A list of stakeholders (refer to the Wk 3 – Apply: Project Management Flowchart and Summary
assignment document) in Section 4: Resources
An analysis of impact of change that should occur based on the risk assessment in Section 6: Change Management
An explanation and justification for the changes made in your revision of your group’s decisions in an Appendix section
Cite two sources other than Intuit, Inc. company documents.
Format your citations according to APA guidelines.
Submit your assignment.

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