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You told a friend about the work you have been doing to better understand desirability of professional development in your organization. Your friend thinks the idea would be very helpful in her organization. After you showed her the presentation (linked below), she decided to conduct a similar investigation at her organization. To save time, she decided to distribute the same desirability survey that was used at your organization.
You friend collected responses and has her data but isn’t sure what to do with it. She has reached out to you to help her complete an analysis of the desirability survey from her organization so that she can present it to her supervisor.
Review the Wk 5 Professional Development Analysis Presentation.
Use the desirability survey data attachment from her organization to create a presentation she can share with her supervisor.
Create an 8- to 10-slide Microsoft PowerPoint presentation. Include the following on your slides.
Note: Place the speaker notes on the slides [not beneath the slides].
The purpose of the investigation
The data source
Information about the survey instrument
Descriptive statistics (number of participants in each group, mean, median, mode, standard deviation)
The plan for analysis
The null and alternative hypotheses
The type of t-test
The alpha determined appropriate for the test
The results of analysis
The t-value, degrees of freedom, p value
Rejection (or failed rejection) of the null hypothesis
A summary of what the results mean
Implications and brief discussion of results
Format the reporting of statistics according to APA guidelines.

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