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The case describes the company Rivian as being in three distinct market segments — adventure vehicles, electric vehicle parts wholesaler, and delivery vans.  The question is whether the company can commercialize all three of these segments or has the company spread itself too thin.  For this case, first draw from the concepts in Chapter 3 to characterize the types of innovations Rivian is pursuing and the likely technological stage of each technology.  Then, explain the implications of the type of technology and the technological stage for Rivian’s decision.  Then, based upon this information, make a recommendation for what action(s) Rivian should take and defend it. 


  • Submission must not exceed 1500 words, be no more than 3 pages in length, excluding the appendix.
  • Single-spaced and a font of 12 points, with normal margins.
  • Please save it as a word document file (either .doc or .docx format is fine) before posting.
  • APA Format with Bibliography

Recommended Outline for Case

1. Introduction to the company, the problem it is facing and state your recommended action

2. Provide an analysis of each type of innovation and its stage in the technological directory.

3.  Explain the implications of the types and trajectory on the decision for Rivian.

4. Provide a clear recommended action for Rivian and explain how it will help the company.

5. Brief summary of the problem and your recommended action.