Athlete Interview Paper

 Interview someone who participated in your sport. They must be at least 25 years older than you. Their participation can have been at any competitive level (it does not need to be the same as your competitive level). Part One: Retell their story as you heard it. This part of the paper should not exceed one page. If possible, include a picture of them in sport action or at least as a young person. What course themes appeared to influence and/or shape their experience. Part Two: If your subject was your age, describe what you think would be different about their experience. Demonstrate that you have some understanding of their sport identity and give examples of how historical changes and shifts might impact their story. This assignment is a maximum of three-pages (single-spaced, 12-point font, one-inch margins. Include a two-line header with your name and class/assignment designation). The picture of them can be embedded in your paper or on an additional page. Another page should include your references, both resources cited in your paper and those major sources that shaped your ideas and thoughts.

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